Solidscape 3Z Max 2 Demo Models

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Product Sku: 78-8800-D


Solidscape 3Z Max 2 Demo Models

Machines History

This 3Z Max 2 machine has been used by Romanoff Certified Technicians strictly for printing samples for perspective clients. The machine has been kept in excellent condition and runs perfect, has the latest software updates, and will be delivered in flawless condition. Romanoff will provide a 6-month Technical Support Warranty at no charge!

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Pricing and Details

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High precision 3D Printer for Manufacturing

The Solidscape Max² Demo is the high precision 3D Printer for the manufacturing of wax patterns. Max² Demo supports higher throughput and delivers signification production gains for precision design in jewelry, medical and industrial manufacturing applications. Easy One-Touch-Operation The fully automated Max² Demo printer features a user-friendly touch screen and innovative software that allows operators of any skill level to produce their own high-precision wax patterns ready for casting.

Efficient Workflow

New Max² Demo high performance capabilities greatly reduce the manufacturing workflow process time while delivering high casting yields and low cost-per-parts. There is a great need among 3D printer manufacturers to create a more efficient workflow for businesses across different industries and the MAX² Demo achieves this.

Superior Casting Results

Exclusive Solidscape 3Z Model and 3Z Support materials produce extremely smooth wax parts that accurately reproduce the most intricate of geometries while eliminating the need for manual post-production refining processes. Superior casting properties include fast meltout, no ash or residue, and no thermal expansion.

Optimized Applications - Precision and Performance

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