Indutherm Casting Equipment


 Indutherm Casting Equipment


Indutherm is the worlds leading supplier of induction melting and casting systems with a focus on investment casting of smaller and mid-sized pieces, rapid prototyping casting as well as research & development. We carry a wide range of Indutherm systems for different sectors and provide the support you need to succeed in the manufacturing industry. When it comes to metal casting you can trust that Indutherm is a world leader in induction technology. Romanoff offers a broad diversity of machines for varied industries. Indutherm systems are developed and tested in close cooperation with customers from different sectors, e.g. precision alloys manufacturers, precious metal fabrication industries, jewelry designers, gold smiths, foundry men and dental technicians. Every user-group has different technical backgrounds, different professional skills and different requirements.



MC-Series Mini Casting System

All jewelry designers have waited a long time for this innovation: a compact casting system for small studios, with high-quality casts can be made economically. Indutherm has now launched this kind of casting system called the MC-Series.

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VC-Series Vacuum Pressure Casting Machines

A thoroughly thought-through concept with the finest details forms the basis of the technological advances made by the Indutherm VC-Series casting machines, guaranteeing optimal casting results whatever class of machine you opt for.

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VTC-Series Vacuum-Tilt Casting Machines

VTC-Series are extremely versatile casting machines suitable for a wide range of applications - and a number of options that were considered mutually incompatible up to now. The VTC-Series was originally designed as a high-temperature casting machine for casting steel, palladium etc., Large flasks als make it suitable for economically producing castings in gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other materials.

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TF-Series Tilting Furnaces

Indutherm tilting furnaces are mainly used in two areas:

For melting down large quantities of metal such as antique gold, shavings, scrap metal and powder. Is also commonly used for pouring ingots, bars and large and heavy compnents.

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SU-Series Sintering/Diffusion Bonding Machines

Sintering is the optimal process for producing multi-colored rings, mostly wedding bands. Metals are processed under pressure and at temperatures below the solidification point. The fusion layers have the same duability as the metal itself. Pre-manufactured rings can be easily resized.

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CC/VCC-Series Continuos Casting Machines

More flexibility, lower costs Indutherm continuos casting machines help you to save production costs.

With only one machine, you can produce your own alloys or semi-finished products in different shapes and sizes in the shortest time.

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Indutherm Vacuum Casting Machines for Large Parts

Indutherm large vacuum pressure casting machines are mostly used for precise castings in aluminum alloys. They are always the first choice with complicated geometry or when the number of pieces is not large enough for die cast production.

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Indutherm Atomizer

The Indutherm atomization plants have been particularly designed for the flexible and economic production of small-scale metal powder batches. Traditional large-scale production plants cannot provide this economic advantage of the Indutherm Atomization Plant.

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Indutherm Complete Casting Kits

We have put the most popular Indutherm casting machines and accessories together in our complete casting kits. Our Indutherm complete casting kits contain all the necessary items needed to produce high quality casting.

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Indutherm Spare Parts and Accessories

Indutherm machines are durable, reliable and easy to service. Simple replacement of all major components guarantees fast and easy servicing, minimizes the risk of lengthy production interuptions and ensures long term reliability. We carry a complete line of Indutherm spare parts and accessories to make sure there is no downtime in your production.

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