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Indutherm Tilting Furnaces

Indutherm Tilting Furnaces are mainly used in two areas:

1. For melting down large quantities of metal such as antique gold or manufacturing residues like casting waste, scrap or swarf. 15 - 60 kW output and low-frequency tuning means fast melting – even for large volumes – and excellent through-mixing.

2. For casting large, heavy components e.g. according to the shell casting principle for pouring off, the inductor/crucible unit is tilted forwards, either using a pivot lever or wheel, optionally with reduction. The wheel is recommended out of preference for safety reasons, as the operator must move away from the splash zone when pouring off.

Indutherm Tilting Furnace - TF Series Comparison Chart

  TF1200 / TF2000 / TF4000 TF6000 / TF12000 TF2000C / TF4000C
Maximum Power / Electrical Connection

15KW (3x400V)

25KW (3x400V)

30KW (3x400V)

40KW (3x400V)

60KW (3x400V)

40KW (3x400V)

60KW (3x400V)

Maximum Temperature 1500 degrees Celcius 1500 degrees Celcius 1700 degrees Celcius
Temerature Measurement by Thermocouple Thermocouple Thermocouple Optional Pyrometer
Crucible Volume

1,200ccm = 18kg Au 18ct

2,200ccm = 30kg Au 18ct

4,000ccm = 60kg Au 18ct

6,000ccm = 90kg Au 18ct

12,000ccm = 180kg Au 18ct

2,000ccm = 5kg-14kg Steel

4,000ccm = 8kg-30kg Steel

Handling & Control Tilting by Lever

Tilting with Motordrive

(Remote Control)

Tilting with Remote Drive

(Remote Control)

Temperature Control LCD Display, Full Text Readout LCD Display, Full Text Readout LCD Display, Full Text Readout
Temperature Programs 20 100 20
Interface RS 232 Diagnostic System Standard Equipment Standard Equipment Standard equipment
GSM Modern for Remote Service Optional Standard Equipment Optional
Dimensions (W x D x H) 700mm x 600mm x 1,250mm 1,250mm x 820mm x 1,300mm 700mm x 700mm x 1,250mm

Indutherm Tilting Furnaces