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Concept Laser MLAB Laser Sintering Machine


The technology of the future...

This compact additive Manufacturing system, just 71cm wide x 100cm deep and 185cm high, is the ideal machine for manufacturing metal components with elaborate structures, suited for fine detail, high quality surface finish and precision component structures.

It has a robust compact structure that can fit through just about any door.

Parts can be built in just hours from stainless steel, cobalt chrome or precious metals such as yellow and white gold and silver. A reactive version is available for metals such as titanium. All Concept Laser systems are designed to operate unattended.

Fine detail parts can be grown with layer thickness as low as 15 microns with a laser focus diameter of 40 microns

Concept Laser Machines are open systems

Another important benefit of owning a Concept Laser machine is the ability to use and develop parameters for proprietary alloys.

Since its launch, the Mlab cusing system has generated significant interest from a diverse range of industries including:

Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device, Tool & Mould manufacturers as well as the Dental and Fashion Jewelry sectors.

LaserCUSING technology and Romanoff’s 60+ years of experience and support will allow your imagination to create endless and complex designs consistently with a high level of surface quality!

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing enables the fast, flexible and cost-efficient production of parts directly from 3D CAD data – a technology that helps you to perform your tasks in an innovative way. With Additive Manufacturing, parts are built by melting thin layers of powder. Material is added instead of removed, as is the case in traditional machining. Each layer is melted to the exact geometry defined by a CAD model. Additive Manufacturing allows to build parts with very complex geometries without tooling, fixtures and without producing any waste material.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.

Choosing Additive Manufacturing:

Choosing Additive Manufacturing for production provides geometrical freedom which allows you to engineer/design your part as you envision it, without manufacturing constraints. This can be translated to extreme light-weight designs, reduced part counts or improved bone ingrowth for an orthopedic implant.

Concept Laser ” Green technology “

In addition to the freedom in design and cost-efficiency, Additive Manufacturing is, due to its high material utilization, an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing route*

Main benefits...

  • Most affordable LaserCUSING machine available.
  • Compact and efficient design.
  • Exceptionally low operating costs.
  • Requires 220V 1 Phase 50/60 cycle 16A line.
  • Includes user friendly operational software.
  • High material density.
  • Minimum post processing.
  • Exceptional surface quality.
  • Produces consistent results.
  • Minimal metal waste.
  • Specification

    Build Envelope LaserCUSING 50mm x 50mm (x,y)
    70mm x 70mm (x,y)
    90mm x 90mm (x,y)
    80mm (z)
    Layer Thickness LaserCUSING 20µm - 50µm
    Production Speed LaserCUSING 1cm³/h - 5cm³/h (depending on material)
    Laser System Fibre Laser - 50W(cw) / Optional 100W(cw)
    Max. Scanning Speed 7m/s
    Focus Diameter Approx. 20µm - 80µm
    Fixation Of The Building Plate Clamping System
    Connected Loads Power Consumption - 1.5kW
    Power Supply - 1/N/PE AC 230V, 16A
    Inert Gas Supply 1 Gas Connection Provided (Nitrogen or Argon)
    Inert Gas Consumption < 4 l/min
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 705mm x 1833mm x 955mm
    Weight 500kg
    Operating Conditions 15°C - 35°C

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