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Concept Laser MLAB Laser Sintering Machine


The technology of the future...

LaserCUSING – made up of the letter C from "concept laser" and the word "fusing" for “complete melting."

The fusion process with patented “stochastic exposure“ Generates complex component geometries layer by layer using 3D CAD data. LaserCUSING® opens up unimagined possibilities. Individually, flexibly, quickly, and cost-effectively! The new efficiency in jewelry making produces individual items of jewelry with a CAD design and makes the components directly from atomized precious metal without any prototype or wax model. This latest technology completely eliminates the extensive labor and high costs related to the lost wax manufacturing process.

LaserCUSING technology and Romanoff’s 60+ years of experience and support will allow your imagination to create endless and complex designs consistently with a high level of surface quality!

Main benefits...

  • Production of jewelry items from metal eliminates the lost wax process
  • Higher density and a more uniform structure than cast parts
  • Time and cost saving thanks to a reduction in the number of manufacturing steps. No prototype or wax model required.
  • Production of unique specimens or small batches of complex items of jewelry.
  • Specification

    Build Envelope LaserCUSING 50mm x 50mm (x,y)
    70mm x 70mm (x,y)
    90mm x 90mm (x,y)
    80mm (z)
    Layer Thickness LaserCUSING 20µm - 50µm
    Production Speed LaserCUSING 1cm³/h - 5cm³/h (depending on material)
    Laser System Fibre Laser - 50W(cw) / Optional 100W(cw)
    Max. Scanning Speed 7m/s
    Focus Diameter Approx. 20µm - 80µm
    Fixation Of The Building Plate Clamping System
    Connected Loads Power Consumption - 1.5kW
    Power Supply - 1/N/PE AC 230V, 16A
    Inert Gas Supply 1 Gas Connection Provided (Nitrogen or Argon)
    Inert Gas Consumption < 4 l/min
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 705mm x 1833mm x 955mm
    Weight 500kg
    Operating Conditions 15°C - 35°C

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