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There's no substitution for the hands-on training our technicians and experts can provide for you and your company.  Romanoff customers can enjoy workshops and demonstrations hosted by our staff that will walk you through everything you need to know about our Solidscape line of 3D printing machines.  Each workshop is hosted on-site at our New York location, and is offered to any of our customers free of charge.

Consider Attending A Workshop If...

  • • You and your employees are looking for a comprehensive demonstration of a machine.
  • • You are looking for a more detailed, hands-on approach than can be provided over the phone or internet.
  • • You seek to learn the day to day opperations from some of the most experienced technicians in the industry.
  • • You're a prospective buyer who wants to see one of our machines in action before purchasing them.
  • • You're interested in training yourself or a group of users about the basic opperation of a machine.

How To Schedule A Workshop...

We're glad you're interested, and would be happy to set up a workshop as soon as possible. Please fill out the inquiry form below.

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