Our "Equipment Service Center" repairs, refurbishes and performs preventive maintenance on the following types of machinery. We offer free pick up and delivery from street level in the immediate tri-state area on equipment under 100lbs. All estimate fees range from $25 to $200, depending on the type of equipment.

Note: If you have a piece of equipment or machinery not listed below, please contact us at: 800.221.7448 (Toll Free-USA only) or 631.842.2400:

Types of Equipment

- Automatic Mold Clamps (Feed-O-Matic)
- CAD/CAM Printers (SolidScape)
- Casting Machines (Centrifugal, Vacuum, White Metal, etc.) Romanoff, Yasui, Seit, Indutherm, Galloni, Manfredi, Memco,Tanabe
- Digital Electric Melters (Romanoff & Kerr)
- Dust Collectors ( I-Shor, Torit Donaldson, Arbe, Romanoff, Handler )
- Gas & Electric Furnaces / Ovens ( Lane , Romanoff, Hones, Kerr, Ney Craft, Paragon, Pyradia)
- Induction Melters ( Ceia, Indutherm, Seit)
- Investment Blasters (Romanoff)
- Vacuum Investment Mixers (Vacu-Vest England)
- Sand Blasters (Jelrus EZ-Blaster)
- Steam Machines (Hoffman, Steam Master)
- Tumblers (Magnetic or Vibratory) Romanoff, Ray Tech, Imahashi, Yasui
- Romanoff Vari-Temps ( Electric Wax Pens)
- Vulcanizers (Floor and Table Top) USA Made Only (Romanoff)
- Wax Injectors (Romanoff & Yasui)


- Ceia Electronica
- Hoffman Steamers
- Indutherm
- Jelrus
- Kerr
- Memco
- Raytech
- Romanoff
- Solidscape
- Tanabe
- Torit
- Vac-U-Vest
- Yasui
- and many others…

Equipment We Service