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Safety Data Sheets


If you can not find the Safety Data Sheet Page you are looking for, please contact us at: 1-800-221-7448 (Toll Free - USA only) or 1-631-842-2400.


NameItem Number
#1010 Liquid Tumbling Compound 82-072
#2020 Liquid Tumbling Compound 82-073
A-10 Solution, Debubbilizer Concentrate 76-153
BCR Plus Ultrasonic Solution
BCR Plus Ultrasonic Solution (Spanish)
80-098-19 / 80-098-BCR
Boric Acid Granular - 5lb Box 80-090
Boron Nitride Aerosol Spray 80-130
Busch Vacuum Pump Oil OEM 76-120-B
Castaldo Econosil Mold 73-085B
Castaldo Gold Label 73-072 / 73-072A / 73-072B / 73-072C
Castaldo Jewelry Mold Release Spray 75-003-C
Castaldo LiquaCast Long-Life 73-0522 / 73-0523
Castaldo LiquiFast Ice - Part A & B 73-0525 /73-0526
Castaldo No Shrink Pink 73-080B / 73-080B-C
Castaldo Pink Rubber LiquaCast 73-052-CAST
Castaldo Plast-O-Wax 74-045
Castaldo Resin Release Spray 75-003-RR
Castaldo Super High Strength Mold 73-073B-SH
Castaldo Super Stretch Mold 73-082-5
Castaldo White Label Mold Rubber 73-071 / 73-071A / 73-071B / 73-071C
Castoff Investment Removal 81-024 / 81-024-5
Denatured Alcohol 80-092
Dry Silicone Mold Release Spray 75-003-A
EMP All In One Soap - 4 Liter 82-280-SP
FastCast - Binder Z14-305-FC
FastCast - Powder Z14-305-FC
Felt Inside Ring Buffs 89-560 / 89-550 / 89-530-P / 89-530 / 89-510 / 89-500
Fine Mica Powder 99-206-1
Flushing Oil With Detergent 76-121
Freeman Injection Waxes 74-060
Furnace Cement Repair For Resurfacing 77-060
Glue 5 Minute Epoxy Hardener Two Part Glue C3-100-5MIN
Gold Investment Remover - One Gallon 80-089
Gold Plating Solutions Z49-670-P / 671-P 672-P
Graphite Mold Release Spray Plus 98-025-1
Greystar Polishing Compound 93-004-SB
Greystar Water Soluble Compound 93-004-WS
HydroFlux Blue Flux Solution T0-103-F
Instant Silver Dip Cleaner 80-021
J-Break Platinum Investment Remover 80-137 / 80-137-1CAR / 80-137-5CAR
J-Formula White Binder Z14-305-16J
J-Formula Platinum Investment Z14-305-606A / Z14-305-606B / Z14-305-606C
Kerr Diamante Stone In Place Investment 76-1000-K
Kerr Platinite 36kg Investment Drum 76-108-PLAT
Kerr Satin Cast #20 Investment 76-106-NY
Legor 24 KT Yellow Gold Micron Solution for Bath Plating 80-001
Legor White Rhodium Bath Plating Solution 2gr Z49-677-2
Legor W Rhodium 2gr Replenisher Concentrate Z49-674-2
Liver of Sulpher 80-013-LS
Luxi-Flux Blue Alchohol 80-109-QT / 80-109
Magic Blue Concentrated Cleaner 80-0985-GL
Magna-Ject Pink Pellet Plastic Wax 74-0600-JECT
Magnetic Tumbling Powder Soap Concentrate 80-0975
Medium Glass Beads Blasting Media 86-008-5
Meta-Gloss Finishing Cream 82-075-5
Mold Release Lubricant #2 98-152
Oakite #90 Electro Cleaner Powder 080-0875-ELEC
Original LMR Compound & Catalyst (White) 73-052 / 73-052-5
Pickle-Safe Compound 80-099 / 80-099D
Picasso Platinum Final Polishing Compound 93-019-8000B
Pink Conical Quartz Media 82-1051
Pro-Tech Barrier Liquid for 3D Printing 78-8603
Ransom & Randolph 33 RTV2 Silicone Rubber - 10kg Kit Polish 73-0500-10
Red Rouge Water Soluble Polishing Compound 93-006-WS
ReoFlex LMR Durometer 73-0510
R&R Ultra-Vest Investment - R191 Z14-301-40
R&R Ultra-Vest MAXX investment - R191 Z14-307-40
R&R Platinum Binder and Platinum Plus Binder Blue Label - CR098 Z14-302
R&R Platinum Investment and Platinum Plus Investment Blue Label - R190 Z14-302
R&R Platinum Binder and Platinum Plus Binder - CR098 Z14-302-PP
R&R Platinum Investment and Platinum Plus Investment - R190 Z14-302-PP
R&R Plasticast PT Investment - R506 Z14-304-PT50
R&R Plasticast PT Binder - R507 Z14-304-PT50
R&R Solitaire Investment - R222 Z14-303-BX
R&R Plasticast Investment - R458 Z14-304-40
R&R 780 investment with fiberglass - R212 Z14-306-I
R&R Astro-Vest Investment - R002 Z14-306
R&R 910 and 910X Investments - R006 Z14-306
Red Stanogen Metal Dross Cleaner 99-202
Rhodium Pen Plating Solution Z49-673-2C
ROMAGOLD Bronze Alloy For Samples 70-500
Romanoff Crystal Clear Cad-Cam Spray 78-049
Romanoff Original Kramer Powder 750 Shot Cleaner Compound 82-070-D / 82-070-EX / 82-070-E
Romanoff Original Kramer Powder 910
Tumbling Compound
82-066-D / 82-066-EX / 82-066-E
Romanoff Rose Surpreme LMR Kit 73-052-R / 73-052-5R / 73-053A-R
Rhodium Bath Plating Solution Z49-677-2 / Z49-677 / Z49-677-2
Silicone CAD/CAM LMR Clear Mold Rubber Kit 73-050-2 / 73-050-10 / 73-050-50
Silicone Free Resin Release Spray 75-003-MS
Skelly Solvent 'H' 98-153
Solidscape Primer For Platinum Casting 78-8022
Solidscape - VSO BioAct 78-8015
SolidScape 3Z - Build Material Max 78-8601
SolidScape 3Z - Support Material Max, Pro, Studio, Lab 78-8602
Solidscape Printer Support Material - S350/S370 -
InduraCast, PlusCast
78-8001-L / 78-8001-PC
Solidscape Printer Support Material - S350/S370 -
Solidscape Printer Support Material - S350/S370 -
Support, Melt-J Dissolve Support Package
78-8002-L / 78-8802
Solidscape Printer Support Material - S350/S370 -
Midas Castable Material 
Sprits "GF" Jewelry Mold Release 75-003
Super EMP Finishing System 75-003-A
Super Shine Magnetic Tumbling Soap 80-0976-QT / 80-0976
Talc Powder Extra-Fine 75-050
Tiger3d Burgundy Resin 78-5002
Tiger3d Orange Resin 78-5003
Tripoli Polishing Compound 1st Cut 93-002
Vacufilm Wax Wash 76-099
Vacuum Pump Oil 76-120 / 76-121
Vigor Wax Kleen 70-199
Wasabi Green Platinum Polishing Compound 93-019-8000GP
White Casting Talc 99-203
Yasui Platinum Investment Powder Z14-305-JP
Yellow Cal-Flux 80-096-QT / 80-096 / 80-096-55
Yellow Rouge Polishing Compound Final Polish 93-009-RND
Zirconium Oxide Coating 78-046-Z/0
Variable-Speed Straight-Shaft Polishing Motor Z42-126-V

Saftey Data Sheets