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Product Sku: 78-4650 / 78-4660


Indutherm Sintering


For the production of multi-color rings in accordance with the diffusion bonding process, and bonding every kind of metal!

Sintering is the optimum process for producing multi-colored rings, mostly sold as wedding rings. Metals are processed under pressure and at temperatures below the solidification point. The pressure is generated pneumatically and not mechanically via a threaded spindle. This means that there is no risk of graphite parts breaking as a result of heat expansion. The fusion between layers has the same durability as the metal itself. Pre-manufactured rings can be easily resized (7 sizes and more).

Major Applications

  • With the sintering unit processes can take place under a vacuum, which is important for alloys with a manganese component
  • Processes can take place under inert gas
  • Straightforward installation/removal of the rings
  • Approximate duration of process: 5 minutes
  • Depending on the thickness of the rings, up to 6 rings can be processed simultaneously
  • Specification


    SU 300

    SU 450

    Power Max. / Electrical Connection 2.0kw (230V) 4.5kw (3x400V)
    Maximum Temperature 1000°C 1000°C
    Sintering Processes per hr. ~6-7 ~10
    Handling + Control
    Reduction control - Standard Equipment
    Mechanic fix stop Standard Equipment -
    Electronic fix stop - Standard Equipment
    Automatic process stop - Standard Equipment
    Program Control - Standard Equipment
    LCD-Display, full text readout
    Programs - 100
    Data Printer - Standard Equipment

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