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KWS WA30 Automatic Loading System

The Automatic Loading System consists of a powder container, a feed screw, a weighing station with separate containers for water and the investment as well as a control unit. The operator has to set and memorize the ratio water/investment powder at the control unit first. *220v 3ph transformer option is available.

The Process
The machine operator has to set the water/investment powder ratio in the machines controller only once. Setting the required quantity of investment is done via the internal electronic scale which makes weighing both components efficiant. Components are poured from the top into the investment machine’s barrel.

  • High repeat-ability guarantees excellent cast quality
  • Operation is free of dust, no inhalation of investment powder
  • Save on Time. filling the machine can be done while running the mixer
  • Retro-fit all existing KWS brand ED Investment Mixing Machines

SpecificationsDimensions in millimeters
Max. volume of investment material per operation30 kg
Measurement time for both components (30 kg)3 min
Accuracy of measurement+/– 20 gr
Supply 400 V / 3-phase / 50 c *2 KW
Storage container:120 kg, optional 400kg**
Measures and weight with storage container 120 kg:
Length x Width x Height in mm
2850 x 1300 x 2900 mm
Net weight300 kg***
Measures and weight with storage container 400 kg:
Length x Width x Height in mm
2850 x 1320 x 2900 mm
Net weight 320 kg***

*** includes dust exhauster
** Other capacities on request
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