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Castaldo has been a major part of jewelry casting since the industry's beginnings in the late 1940's.

Dr. Ferdinand E. Knight applied the scientific training he had acquired as a medical student in Vienna, Austria before World War II to the new field when he arrived in the United States as an immigrant in 1938. His father, Dr. Leon Knecht, had been a dentist in Vienna and also ran a dental supply house there. During that period the techniques of dental casting, still practiced today, were first developed.

Ferdinand Knight was one a handful of pioneers who adapted dental casting techniques to the mass production of jewelry by the lost wax casting method. For many decades he was a jewelry designer and contract caster in New York City and one of the small handful of craftsmen during that era who could cast platinum successfully.

The company grew with the casting industry and currently is the world's leading producer of jewelry molding rubber products for lost wax casting.