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Ransom & Randolph Plasticast PT Investment & Binder


A Water-Based, Non-Hazmat, Two-Part System for Casting Rapid Prototype Pattern Materials and High Temperature Alloys

The Plasticast PT investment & binder system was developed, and is ideally suited for, the investing and burnout of commonly used plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials. The high expansion of these pattern materials requires an equally high expanding, extra high strength investment.

The Plasticast PT investment & binder system provides jewelry casters with a mold material that meets those demands while maintaining mold surface and dimensional integrity for high temperature metal casting.

The Plasticast PT investment & binder system can also be used with standard wax patterns for high temperature metal casting.

In addition to excellent performance with rapid prototype pattern materials, this system offers casters the following benefits over traditional two-part platinum investments:

  • Eliminates the acid-based binder hazard associated with common two-part platinum investments.
  • -Operators are not exposed to a hazardous liquid.
    -Storage for hazardous liquid is eliminated.
    -Shipping costs and special transportation requirements for hazardous liquid are eliminated.

  • Eliminates special investing flask preparation requirements.
  • - Costs associated with absorbent liners are eliminated as they are not needed.
    - Time associated with complicated flask preparation is eliminated.

    The Plasticast PT investment & binder are sold as a kit of 50 pounds investment and ½ gallon of liquid binder.


    Diluted Binder/Powder Ratio 24 parts diluted binder
    to 100 parts powder by weight
    Working Time < 5 Minutes
    Setting Time 6 - 11 minutes
    Slump 108mm - 127mm
    Investment 50lb
    Binder 0.5 Gallon

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