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Romanoff CCM Centrifugal Casting Machines


The Romanoff line of casting machines have unique features, such as: Melting in a vacuum controlled atmosphere, built in Micro-Processor Computer to ensure consistent quality castings, control of initial acceleration and final RPM, (16 automatic casting programs, 9 parameters per program) optical pyrometer, a built in heavy duty Vacuum Pump, Self Diagnostic warning system to notify operators if water pressure or power is low or crucible needs to be changed. The Romanoff casting machines melt under vacuum and allow the operator to introduce argon gas or any other inert gas when required to protect the alloy during melting.

Main benefits

  • • New heavy duty melting generator
  • • Easy to use digital Control Panel
  • • 20 user programs with 10 programmable parameters each
  • • Built in 20 m3 vacuum pump and Argon Gas circuit
  • • Metal emissivity regulation
  • • Accurate temperature reader with advanced thermo regulator
  • • Excellent heating cycle control
  • • Casting with precious stones
  • • Vacuum-Argon washing cycle
  • • Advanced diagnostic features and error messages

“PID” (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) This is a continuous feedback loop that keeps the process flowing normally by taking corrective action whenever there is any deviation from the desired value (set point) of the process variable (rate of flow, temperature, voltage, etc.)



Romanoff CCM 200

Romanoff CCM 400

Romanoff CCM 1500

Absorbed Powered (max) 7.5 kW 7.5 kW 10 kW
Output Frequency 50-80 50-80 50-80
AC Line (50/60Hz) 230  ±10% 230  ±10% 230  ±10%
Line Phases 3 3 3
Crucible Capacity 350g Pt, 290g Au 750g Pt, 650g Au 1kg Pt, 1.5kg Au
Flask Size (DxH) 100mm x 120mm 120mm x 160mm 150mm x 180mm
Max Melting Temperature 2000ºC 2000ºC 2000ºC
Cooling System Water Water Water
Operation Automatic Automatic Automatic
Programs 20 20 20
Weight 418.9lb (190kg) 440.9lb (200kg) 595.2lb (270kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 29.9" x 24.4" x 42.9"
(760mm x 620mm x 1090mm)
39.4" x 32.7" x 42.5"
(1000mm x 830mm x 1080mm)
42.5" x 35.4" x 43.3"
(1080mm x 900mm x 1100mm)


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