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Romanoff RCS Centrifugal Casting Machines



Excellent Casting Results With Romanoff RCS Centrifugal Casting Machines

Capable of casting all metals and alloys, both precious and non-precious, Romanoff RCS Centrifugal Casting Machines offer a wide variety of uses and applications. These models are noted for their high melting efficiency and speed. The patented RCS (Rotating Coil System) not only provides excellent casting results, but can do so without having to cool down due to coil dropping prior to spinning. Installation and operation is simple, and each machine is easy to service and maintain.

Model: 79-700

The 79-700 is capable of casting both platinum and gold. With an improved digital control panel, this model allows for higher controllability and increased productivity. Completely automatic.

Model: 79-7100

The 79-7100 is capable of casting both platinum and gold, with automatic temperature control.


  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher controllability
  • Increased repeatability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
  • Excellent for fine filigree filling of platinum pieces


  • Built in vacuum pump and argon gas circuit
  • Coil rotation with arm and flask
  • Coil still heating during rotation
  • Metal injected in liquid phase
  • Accurate temperature reader with advanced thermo regulator
  • Metal emissivity regulation
  • Vacuum-argon washing cycle
  • Advanced diagnostic features and error messages
  • Casting with precious stones




Romanoff RCS 5kW

Romanoff RCS Lite 4kW

SKU 79-700 79-7100
Absorbed Powered (max) 5kW 4kW
Output Frequency kHz 60-105 Khz 60-105 Khz
AC Line (50/60Hz) 230V  ±10% 1-phase 230V  ±10% 1-phase
Crucible Capacity 250g Pt, 150g Au 250g Pt, 150g Au
Flask Size (DxH) 80mm x 75mm 80mm x 75mm
Max Melting Temp 2000ºC 2000ºC
Cooling System Internal-Water Circulation Included Internal-Water Circulation Included
Weight 342lb (155kg) 342lb (155kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 25.2" x 26.4" x 41.3"
(64cm x 67cm x 105cm)
25.2" x 26.4" x 41.3"
(64cm x 67cm x 105cm)
Programmable Automatic Semi-Automatic

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