Saint Louis Mixers

Romanoff International Supply Corporation - Saint Louis Mixers - Now you can automatically mix and pour your investment under vacuum with the St. Louis Investment Mixer. You can mix up to 18 flasks per hour. The most important feature of this unit is that you are mixing investment and pouring under a controlled vacuum environment. This is a real time saver as you will not have separate mixing, pouring and vacuuming operations. Since it is user friendly, anyone can be trained in a few minutes to operate this unit. Simply place your flasks in the enclosed drum under the investment mixing blades. Measure the correct amount of investment and water, then close the mixing chamber and start the vacuum pump (not included). When you have achieved vacuum, turn on the two speed mixing unit and set your timer. That's all you have to do! When the mixer automatically stops you will have a uniform mixture without bubbles or lumps. Now you are ready to pour your flask. Position your flask under the valve, apply vacuum to the lower chamber and open the valve. As the investment fills the flasks, turn on the vibration table under the flasks and you are done! Made in Italy.

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