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Super-Vac Casting Machine

This heavy duty vacuum casting machine has been tailored to the needs of high production casters and is still one of the most commonly and inexpensive way to cast small to large quantities of metal. This type of open pouring method of molten metal is excellent for brass and bronze casting. This unit does not include a vacuum pump and works best with a 21CFM vacuum pump. Will take flasks up to 8" diameter x 12" high.

How it works...

The Super-Vac will build up vacuum pressure in the lower chamber and register on the vacuum gauge. When the unit reaches optimum vacuum pressure, the operator will load the flask, press the foot pedal to transfer the full vacuum pressure from the lower to upper vacuum chamber where the flask is positioned. At this point the the molten metal is poured into your flask resulting in dense castings.


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 40" X 25" X 25"
  • Weight: 400lb
  • Features...

  • Large primary vacuum holding tank to ensure maximum pull around the flask.
  • Special foot operated air release valve instantly allows all of the vacuum in the primary holding tank to transfer to the chamber surrounding the flask at full strength.

  • * Due to the size and/or weight of this item, it must be delivered by freight truck. Upon completing your order, a customer service agent will call you to arrange delivery.


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