About Solidscape 3D Printing

Solidscape® develops and delivers 3D printing solutions for advanced manufacturing in a variety of industries. With Solidscape® products, including 3D printers and materials, customers can create high-precision wax patterns to be cast in metal for 3D printing jewelry, used for mold making (RTV), or even pressed into ceramics.

Solidscape's goal, as the high-precision industry leader in 3D printers, is to change the way parts are made with a simple click. Solidscape® takes pride in its product quality, consistency, and integrity. They have worked hard to produce the most advanced rapid prototyping machines and technologies on the market today.

Solidscape® 3D printers are primarily used to produce “wax-like” patterns for lost-wax casting/investment casting and mold making applications. 3D printers by Solidscape®, combined with our 3D printer software and materials, will allow you to accomplish any prototyping project and expand your business.

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