The Most Advanced High Definition DLP 3D Printer For Jewelers

Professional Grade 3D Printing Made Affordable

Explore endless creativity with Tiger3D Printers. With the ability to grow up to 50 advanced precision rings in 3-1/2 hours; The Tiger3D has become the most advanced high definition DLP 3D printers in the industry. All Tiger3D Printers utilize a unique Protective Layering System which works by minimizing the moving parts within the printer to provide smoother surfaces, more precise printing, and allows for faster grow times safely. Our goal at Romanoff is to provide professional-grade 3D printing in an affordable way that enables even the smallest of jewelers to be able to bring this technology into their studio. Tiger3D Printers are available exclusively at Romanoff.


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  1. Tiger3D Printer - XHD Plus
    Tiger3D Printer - XHD Plus 78-5050-X

  2. Tiger3D Printer - HD Plus
    Tiger3D Printer - HD Plus 78-5080-X

  3. Tiger3D Printer - XL Plus
    Tiger3D Printer - XL Plus 78-5000-X

  4. Tiger3D Printer - XXL Plus
    Tiger3D Printer - XXL Plus 78-5150-X

  5. Tiger 4K MAX XL
    Tiger 4K MAX XL 78-5600

  6. Tiger 4K MAX XHD
    Tiger 4K MAX XHD 78-5700

  7. Tiger 3D Picker
    Tiger 3D Picker 78-5006

  8. Tiger3D Clear Resin - 1kg
    Tiger3D Clear Resin - 1kg 78-5011

  9. Tiger3D XXL Teflon Tank
    Tiger3D XXL Teflon Tank 78-5005-XXL

  10. Tiger XXL Retainer Tank Glass
    Tiger XXL Retainer Tank Glass 78-5008-XXL

  11. Tiger Material Filter
    Tiger Material Filter 78-5002-F

  12. Tiger3D Black Resin - 1kg
    Tiger3D Black Resin - 1kg 78-5004A


20 Items

per page
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