The process of making jewelry, which traditionally takes a lot of time and attention to detail, has gone completely digital. There's no denying the skill and craftsmanship that go into making a unique handmade ring or pendant and hand-sculpted personal adornments will always be special. The fact of the matter is that making jewelry entirely by hand still requires a lot of time and patience.

Numerous gem specialists and goldsmiths have awakened to this reality and begun searching for answers to make jewelry creation quicker and more straightforward while reducing costs. Additive substance assembling and 3D printing have stepped in to help.

The Advantages of Jewelry 3D Printing

When we say "numerous goldsmiths," we mean it — the jewelry 3D printing sector is assessed to be valued at $5.5 billion by 2026.

It's essential to explain that when you find out about jewelry 3D printing, it alludes to 3D printing a wax or resin pattern or model. Most goldsmiths haven't utilized a 3D printer due to their cost, size, or learning curve, which can be a little intimidating to someone trying to break into this emerging market. Romanoff International Supply can provide you with info about our Projet 2500W wax jewely Printier. Visit our website at or see our youtube video of our projet 2500W.

3D Jewelry printers supplant the craft of cutting a hard modeling wax into your ideal shape. Utilizing a PC and jewelry 3D software or any CAD (computer-aided design) programming software, a Cads Designer makes the design or changes a current design and afterward 3D prints that piece of jewelry in a wax material. Starting here, it goes back to the traditional course of lost wax projecting.

What is the lost-wax method? It's when a wax model is placed in a flask with an investment mixture and is then heated so the wax model melts away leaving a mold that’s then filled with precious metal.

A 3D printer does not just make complex designs and master models, you can tweak your jewelry file in minutes and print out another model, or 20 unique models immediately. 3D System's Projet 2500W can print 200 rings on its large base platform in under 5 hours. This decisively accelerates making cycles of plans and mass-modifying.

Benefits of 3D printing wax models:


3D printing is quicker than cutting wax manually. Though the conventional strategy expects you to go through hours or even days carefully cutting the wax model, the 3D printer will deliver same-day prints. Also, changes are far more straightforward since you can essentially adjust the advanced record and print another copy.


3D printers can make undeniably complex 3D Geometries than cutting the hard way. You can print anything your computer-aided design programming shows on the screen, therefore, making 3D Printing accessible to whom might not have cutting abilities. Furthermore, depending on the complexity of the piece, you can create models that are impossible with hand carving.


Master models are stored in a CAD file, you'll have the option to rapidly change it in view of client prerequisites. You can offer both customized jewelry and effectively make changes to a model in the event that the customer wants to edit the design.

Mass Production

(Projet 2500W) 3D Printing machines have the option to print many different wax models with one printing run depending on the model. The ProJet 2500W can print 20-50 rings in under 3 hours.


Ever had a ring or piece of jewelry that needed to be fixed or that could use some upgrades? With a 3D scanner, you can reproduce an existing piece as a CAD model, then print that very model using a 3D Printer. See our scanner for more info!


Jewelry 3D printing machines utilize next to no printing material cost. The Project 2500W wax cost per model is 50C per model (depending on model size).

Rapid Prototyping

Fit stones in a 3D printed model to guarantee an ideal fit and client approval prior to projecting the last piece. Clients can try on 3D printed models and get a more genuine feeling of the last piece than a 2D picture.

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