Casting Jewelry? Yasui Casting Machines are the perfect quality casting solutions for your business. Romanoff brings you all Yasui casting supplies for all your platinum casting in the Yasui VCC Machine and Yasui Rotating Burnout Furnaces.

About Yasui Casting Equipment

Since 1980 Yasui has been designing and manufacturing high quality casting systems. Yasui has helped many companies in the jewelry casting industry become successful and is considered a pioneer in the jewelry casting industry. With years of experiences, Yasui's innovative casting systems bring a rapid progress for improving quality. Also, casting companies who seek to increase competitiveness enjoy successful business with their productive systems. Yasui is a leading casting solution provider, and they keep supplying a wide variety of products to ensure leadership in the marketplace that is so necessary for survival in today’s competitive jewelry casting industry.


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  1. Yasui Vacuum Filter
    Yasui Vacuum Filter 79-311-VFE

  2. Yasui O-Ring G65 For K2-VPC
    Yasui O-Ring G65 For K2-VPC 79-311-K2

  3. Yasui K2E O-Ring
    Yasui K2E O-Ring 79-311-K2E

  4. Yasui ICIS Memory Tags
    Yasui ICIS Memory Tags 74-266-ICIX

  5. Yasui RFID Mold Reader
    Yasui RFID Mold Reader 74-266-ICR


Items 1-20 of 62

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