Dialux Premium Polishing Compound - Green

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  • Brand: Dialux
  • Color: Green
  • Metal: Hard alloy (Platinum, white gold, chrome, stainless steel, cobalt
  • Application: Final Polish
  • Form: Bar 4.5 oz 3 3/4" (L) x 1 3/16" (W) x 1" (H)
  • Country of Origin: France
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Priced per 4.5 oz bar
Qty Price Per Unit
1-4 $5.39
5 and Above $5.23

Green Dialux polishing compound is recommended for bright final polishing of hard alloys such as platinum, white gold, chrome, chrome cobalt, and stainless steel. Made from select abrasive grades uniformly blended and manufactured under the strictest quality controls. Adheres exceptionally well to buffs, brushes, and felts, so very little is needed which helps reduce cleanup and saves time.

Metals Platinum, Stainless Steel
Packing Qty Priced per 4.5 oz bar