HydroFlux Welder Torch System


  • Brand : HydroFlux  • Voltage : 120V   • Weight : 45lbs  • Dimensions : 16" x 9" x 10"

  •  220V Available - Special Order


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HydroFlux Welder Torch System
HydroFlux Welder Torch System HydroFlux Welder Torch System HydroFlux Welder Torch System

The Romanoff HydroFlux Welder torch system is a self-contained, economical to operate, light weight, soldering system which can operate in conditions where bottled gas is not permitted/wanted, such as shopping centers, malls, apartments and private homes. The HydroFlux Welder is an oxygen-hydrogen generator that operates by converting distilled water into fueled gas. The HydroFlux Welder creates gas on a demand basis. The eight hypodermic needles will produce a pinpoint flame to a broad flame for different soldering applications. The pure high heat of up to 4850°F (2677°C) can solder platinum easily. Can be used with two torches simultaneously.

The complete system includes one torch with 4' of clear flexible hose, 8-piece needle torch tip set, necessary solutions, and cotton fiber filter. It is recommended you periodically remove any excess liquid from the torch line to ensure continuous gas flow.

Prior to starting the HydroFlux welder, allow the unit to run for 1-2 minutes and then release the non-flammable air from the hose via opening the torch screw valve. This process maybe necessary to repeat 2-3 times to purge the line properly.*** 220V available - Special Order


  • A- On/Off Switch
  • B- Gas Generator Light
  • C- Powerlight
  • D- Lightweight Torch Handle
  • E- Easy Carry handles
  • F- Stainless Steel Gas Dryer
  • G- Stainless Steel Gas Fluxer
  • H- Stainless Steel Gas Generating
  • I- Flux Fluid Level
  • J- Distilled Water Level

The Turbo Braze / OKAI engineering team has successfully joined technology, research and the experience of the jeweler to design the ultimate water torch system. The HydroFlux system brings high tech advantages to modern craftsman. The HydroFlux is a light compact, self-contained unit designed for high performance, low maintenance, economical, trouble-free, oxide-free soldering.

Only the HydroFlux System offers the following Features...

  • Self-contained stainless steel gas and filter prevent moisture and contaminants from mixing with flux and flame. You no longer have the waste fluxing compound because of frequent dumping.
  • Self- contained stainless steel fluxing canister.
  • Self-contained stainless steel gauge.
  • The HydroFlux uses no exotic chemicals or formulas for its flux.
  • Readable distilled water usage gauge.
  • Reliable stainless steel check valve to prevent flame blow-back. Easy carry handles.
  • Utilizes 30 gauge to 18 gauge disposable needles.
  • Provides finest pinpoint flame for repairing 1mm hollow rope chain to a large flame for gentleman's ring and bangle bracelets.
  • The HydroFlux can be worked with two torches for a total of "40" gauge( e.x 18 gauge and 22 gauge combination, 20 gauge and 20 gauge, or any combination of needles that will not exceed 40 gauge.)
  • Self-contained stainless steel drain for the electrolyte. No need to siphon or dump.
  • Concentrated electrolyte charge eliminates costly frequent recharging of solutions.
  • The HYDROFLUX is easy to set-up and maintain.
  • The HYDROFLUX lightweight torch handle is designed for operator confront and convenience.
  • Comes complete with chemical, extra dryer filter, and needles.

Turbo Braze / OKAI invites you to compare the virtual maintenance free HydroFlux to every other torch system on the market. We are confident that you will find that the HydroFlux is the best water torch system that money can buy, and at the price, you can afford.

These liquids can only be shipped separately by HAZMAT GROUND, as they are classified as hazardous.

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