Polishing Compounds

Polishing Compounds

Polishing compounds are used for cutting, cleaning and polishing metal surfaces to a final high luster. Different metals and surface conditions require different types polishing compounds. Polishing compounds are generally broken down into three categories:

- First cut Polishing Compounds are for used for smoothing out rough surfaces and is generally moist
- Medium/Second Cut Polishing Compounds are used for smoothing out semi smooth surfaces, remove less surface material, prepare the surface for the final high luster and is a dryer compound.
- Final Polishing Compound, still removes some surface material, but is minimum. This is the last stage and necessary to produce a high luster.

It is a good practice to use different buffs for different metals and polishing compounds to avoid cross metal contamination and unwanted surface scratching during the final polishing stage.

Japanese Compounds

Compound Application
Gray 800 Light cutting compound for removing surface roughness and scratches from platinum. Approx. 7/8 lb. (400 grams) bar.

SKU: 93-019-800
White 1500 Medium cutting compound for platinum. Removes light scratches and prepares surface for final polishing. Approx. 7/8 lb. (400 grams) bar.

SKU: 93-019-1500
White 4000 Fine cutting. Removes light haze and scratches. Approx. 1/2 lb.(250 grams) bar.

SKU: 93-019-4000
White 6000 Fine cut-and-color compound. Removes faint scratches and leaves a soft, bright finish which can serve as the final finish or be brought to a bright mirror finish by using White 8000 (below), Platinum Blue, or Orange Luster compounds. Approx. 1/2 lb. (250 grams) bar.

SKU: 93-019-6000
White 8000 Super-fine grit for a bright finish on platinum. Approx. 1/2 lb. (250 grams) bar.

SKU: 90-19-8000W / 90-19-8000B / 90-19-8000GP
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