Rhodium Bath Plating Starter/Replenisher Solution - 2G/1000ML Concentrate


  • Brand:  Legor
  • Type:  Bath Plating Starter/Replenisher
  • Quantity:  2
  • Country of origin:  Italy

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Rhodium Bath Plating Starter/Replenisher Solution - 2G/1000ML Concentrate
Rhodium Bath Plating Starter/Replenisher Solution - 2G/1000ML Concentrate

Romanoff rhodium plating solutions are prepared with 100% virgin rhodium obtained from only the highest quality sources. The result is a mirror-bright, tarnish-resistant finish that will add shimmering elegance to all your fine jewelry.

The rhodium starter solution has a higher concentrate of plating acid, making it a good base for future plating. It can also be used to replenish your existing plating bath.

When the plating results are no longer bright white, your plating solution has been depleted. To improve, add additional Z49-667-2 concentrate to bring back it's concentrate & brightness.

The mix ratio for the starter/replenish rhodium plating solution is 2-grams (4-Oz bottle/the whole bottle) of concentrate to 1-quart/liter of distilled water.


Always keep a small test sample of the initial solution color solution as a reference, so when you add the replenisher you will be able to obtain the same concentrate mix color as you started with. It is a good practice to filter your plating solutions monthly with filter paper (P/N Z49-735-13X) to remove any impurities which may have been deposited into your working solution.

Always remember to electro-clean your jewelry first, then fresh water rinse, then steam clean and do not touch with your bare hands, only use rubber tipped steam tweezers for handling. For plating, the black wire is attached to the copper wire hook or plating rack holding the jewelry pieces (cathode) and the red wire is connected to the anode in the rhodium solution.

For gold plating the anode is the stainless steel container as is or attach the red wire to the stainless steel anode which is suspended in the solution in the polypropylene container).

Set your Romanoff rectifier to 3-4 volts for 45-60 seconds with moving back and forth. If the pieces come out very dark on a clean solution, then the pieces were "burned" from too much power.

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