Romanoff Air Line Drying Column


  • Brand:  Romanoff
  • Material:  Molded Acrylic Plastic 
  • Dimensions: 2-5/8" x 11-3/8" (6.7cm x 29cm)
  • Working Pressure: 90 PSIG
  • Water Capacity: 50g
  • Country of origin:  United States

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Romanoff Air Line Drying Column
Romanoff Air Line Drying Column

An innovation in this industry for drying compressed air-lines. All air-line filters will clean your compressed airlines but this unit is unique, in that it will tell you when the desiccant in the filter is filled to capacity with moisture.

This unit is a clear acrylic column and the desiccant contained inside is blue in color when the unit is new as it starts to fill with moisture, the desiccant turns to a pink color.

The color between the blue and pink will be a narrow purple band that will slowly rise as more desiccant turn purple.

This new product takes the guesswork away from air-line drying, you will always be assured that your airlines are dry as long as you have blue desiccant. The flow rate should be 200 liters per hour (0.1 scfm) for maximum efficiency.

Simply, just hook up your compressor air-line to the bottom and your distribution line to the top and you are ready to go. Air will be dried to -100°F dew point.

To regenerate your desiccant, remove fro column and spread out evenly one granule deep on tray and heat for one hour at 400°F (204°C). After heating put the desiccant in a tight, sealed container to cool and then refill the air-drying column. Your desiccant will be blue again.

Felt filters in the unit should be dried at 200°F for 30 minutes prior to reassembly. We would suggest that you put two of these units online so that when you have to dry one, the other is still always on line.

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