Tiger3D APEX PRO 3D Scanner


  • Brand: Tiger3D
  • Type: 3D Scanner
  • Camera Resolution: 2 x 6.4MP
  • Point Spacing: 0.029mm
  • 3D Scanning Area (Field of View) : 100mm
  • 3D Scanning: Principle Phase Shifting Optical Triangulation
  • Light Source: Blue LED

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Tiger3D APEX PRO 3D Scanner
Tiger3D APEX PRO 3D Scanner Tiger3D APEX PRO 3D Scanner Tiger3D APEX PRO 3D Scanner Tiger3D APEX PRO 3D Scanner

The Tiger3D APEX PRO SCANNER is a professional, high-resolution, desktop 3D scanner specifically designed to scan small objects with intricate geometries and fine details that require the highest scanning precision and accuracy. This 6.4 MP 3D Scanner is commonly used for matching a lost earring, creating an STL file of an organic object, scanning a faceted stone for remounts, creating bridal sets, product development and reverse engineering. 

Perform multi-angle scans with the scanners’ integrated 2-axis arm that reduces scan data noise while minimizing blind spots. The advanced Tiger3D software provides a complete step-by-step process with its key features represented by intuitive, easy to under icons.

Key Features

  • High Quality Rapid 3D Scanning
  • Advanced Precise Color Texture 
  • High Accuracy for Small Volumes  
  • Intuitive Software 
  • Automatic Calibration 
  • Automatic Scanning and Active Synchronization 
  • Compact Design 
Why Tiger 3D APEX PRO Scanners? High Speed and Even HigherResolution. 
  • Tiger 3D APEX PRO Scanners are engineered for high speed, high quality, scanning of small objects. With a Resolution of 6.4MP  and  Scanning Area (FOV) of 100mm, micro-sized details are recognized and included in your final scan. 
3D Scanning Applications 
  • Analysis: Identify and find solutions to any potential structural or functional defect by modeling the system or product in a virtual environment.
  • Quality Inspection: Compare measurements between the Tiger EYE and the nominal CAD model. Create color-coded deviation maps of any errors in 3D.
  • Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineer free-form surfaces and geometric objects from point cloud data back to a variety of native CAD formats.
  • From Scan to 3D Print: Produce detailed pieces using various materials with seamless data integration
Machine Specifications 
Part Number 78-7064
Camera Resolution  2 x 6.4 MP
Point Spacing  0.029mm 
3D Scanning Area (Field of View)  100mm 
3D Scanning  Principle Phase Shifting Optical Triangulation
Light Source  Blue LED 

Computer Specifications
  • CPU Requirements: Intel i9th Generation or higher
  • RAM Requirements: 32GB
  • Graphics Card (GPU) Requirements: Nvidia Geforce 1060 2G or higher
  • OS Requirements: Windows 10 64 bit
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