Yasui K2 NEXT


  • Brand : Yasui
  • Model : K2 NEXT
  • Power : 220V +/-10%, 50/60Hz 3 phase, 6.5KVA (5KW) or 220V +/-10%, 50/60Hz 3 phase, 9.5KVA (8KW)
  • Maximum Temperature (K-Type) : 1200°C
  • Maximum Temperature (R-Type) : 1300ºC (5KW) and 1450ºC (8KW)
  • Flask Size : Standard: 125mm dia. x 230mm (H); Option: 125mm dia. x 300mm (H)
  • Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine (max. pressure 0.3MPa) with internal gas tank
  • Single gas (Argon)
  • Induction heating with specifically designed metal stirring function
  • Comes with oscillations between 5-8KW
  • Weight: ~250kg

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Yasui K2 NEXT
Yasui K2 NEXT Yasui K2 NEXT Yasui K2 NEXT Yasui K2 NEXT

K2 NEXT – Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine: Your NEXT Machine

Advantages of K2 NEXT

NEXT vacuum pressure machine by YASUI is your next machine to create Quality.

  • After mode with out oxidation
  • Variable heat for gold loss
  • Extra mixing for good segregation of gold
  • Good melting speed
  • De-Gas – with good filling pieces
  • Precise double needle gauge with improved pressure sensing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Accurate pressure timing
  • Self diagnosis – P.I.D auto tuning
  • Memory of parameter for best casting
Casting System Vacuum pressure casting system - max. pressure 0.3MPa with internal gas tank
Replacing Gas Single gas (Argon)
Program Memory 100 memories
Control Specially designed micro-processor control. Temperature control by PID with accuracy of +/-2 degrees centrigrade.
Heating Induction heating (with specially designed metal stirring function).
Oscillation 5-8KW
Cooling Water Tap water direct cooling system more than 3L/min, more than 1.5kgf/cm2, less than 30ºC
Flask Flask is elevated by the air cylinder to secure tight gas sealing and, as a result, perfect atmosphere separation of in-and-out glask
Max. Flask Size Standard: 125mm dia. x 230mm (H); Option: 125mm dia. x 300mm (H)
Crucible Volume 158CC (5KW) to 242CC (8KW)
Max. Casting Amount (Volume) 100CC (5KW) to 150CC (8KW)
Max. Casting Amount (Weight) 24K: 2.0Kg, 18K: 1.55Kg, 14K: 1.5Kg, 925Ag: 1.0Kg (5KW)
24K: 3.0Kg, 18K: 2.3Kg, 14K: 2.1Kg, 925Ag: 1.5Kg (8KW)
Shot Maker Option (Shot Maker SM1)
Data Output USB memory (2-16GB)
Max. Temp (K-Type)
Max. Temp (R-Type) 1300ºC (5KW) and 1450ºC (8KW)
Ultimate Vacuum 0.1 to 10hPa (depends on the vacuum pump)
Vacuum Filter High mesh, replaceable from the front panel
Power Source

220V +/-10%, 50/60Hz 3 phase, 6.5KVA (5KW)
220V +/-10%, 50/60Hz 3 phase, 9.5KVA (8KW)

Net Weight Approx. 250Kg

Product Manual

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