Cocker-Weber 5/8″ Trim Hair Brush - 2A Green Label

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  • Brand: Cocker-Weber
  • Style: 2A
  • Quality: Standard
  • Rows: 2
  • Trim Hair: 5/8" (15.9mm)
  • Hub Diameter: 1 7/8"
  • Country of Origin: United States
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Priced individually
Qty Price Per Unit
1-23 $2.63
24-143 $2.58
144 and Above $2.52

Cocker Weber Brushes come in a wide variety of sizes and bristle lengths, making them perfect for use by goldsmiths, silversmiths, watchmakers, fine hardware manufacturers, artisans, and workers of soft metals.

A USA made industry standard. All brushes are made of pure Chungking bristles and a hardwood hub. Wheel brushes have a ¼” diameter arbor hole. They are offered in two quantities; standard (red/green) and superior (blue).

The superior (blue) line contains the highest quality extra stiff Chungking bristles. These brushes are favored by craftsmen and artisans. These are the most durable brushes outlasting all others, thus being the most cost-efficient.

The standard (red/green) line uses good quality stiff Chungking bristles.

Packing Qty Priced individually