Equipment We Service

Equipment We Service

Our "Equipment Service Center" repairs, refurbishes and performs preventive maintenance on the following types of machinery. We offer free pick up and delivery from street level in the immediate tri-state area on equipment under 100lbs. All estimate fees range from $25 to $200, depending on the type of equipment.

Note: If you have a piece of equipment or machinery not listed below, please contact us at: 800.221.7448 (Toll Free-USA only) or 631.842.2400:

Types of Equipment

- Automatic Mold Clamps (Feed-O-Matic)
- CAD/CAM Printers (SolidScape)
- Casting Machines (Centrifugal, Vacuum, White Metal, etc.) Romanoff, Yasui, Seit, Indutherm, Galloni, Manfredi, Memco,Tanabe
- Digital Electric Melters (Romanoff & Kerr)
- Dust Collectors ( I-Shor, Torit Donaldson, Arbe, Romanoff, Handler )
- Gas & Electric Furnaces / Ovens ( Lane , Romanoff, Hones, Kerr, Ney Craft, Paragon, Pyradia)
- Induction Melters ( Ceia, Indutherm, Seit)
- Investment Blasters (Romanoff)
- Vacuum Investment Mixers (Vacu-Vest England)
- Sand Blasters (Jelrus EZ-Blaster)
- Steam Machines (Hoffman, Steam Master)
- Tumblers (Magnetic or Vibratory) Romanoff, Ray Tech, Imahashi, Yasui
- Romanoff Vari-Temps ( Electric Wax Pens)
- Vulcanizers (Floor and Table Top) USA Made Only (Romanoff)
- Wax Injectors (Romanoff & Yasui)


- Ceia Electronica
- Hoffman Steamers
- Indutherm
- Jelrus
- Kerr
- Memco
- Raytech
- Romanoff
- Solidscape
- Tanabe
- Torit
- Vac-U-Vest
- Yasui
- and many others…