Castaldo Brass Mold Caps - 155 Pieces

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  • Brand: Castaldo
  • Product: Mold Caps
  • Material: Brass
  • Bag Weight: 3oz (70g)
  • Country of Origin: United States
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Priced Per Pack of 155


  • Mold Lock Formers are a convenient way to make mold registration locks without cutting
  • Designed for making molds using the fast, easy powder separation technique
  • Stamped brass pieces with prongs that can be inserted into the rubber before vulcanization

Designed for the following jewelry molding rubbers...

  • White Label®
  • Gold Label®
  • No Shrink Pink®
  • Castaldo Super High Strength™ Silicone Jewelry Molding Rubber
  • Econosil® Jewelry Molding Rubber


  • Packaged in plastic bags containing approximately 155 pieces
  • Each bag weighs approximately 3 ounces (70g)
Packing Qty Priced Per Pack of 155