Busch® Twist Drills Fig. 077

Busch Burs Twist Drills
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As low as $13.49
  • Brand: Busch®
  • Material: Tungsten Vanadium Steel
  • Priced Per: Pack of Six (6)
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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Priced Per Pack of 6
  • Busch Drills are made of tungsten vanadium steel and they are known for their particular hardness and the resultant tool life, as well as their cutting capacity. These advantageous properties now also make it possible to economically process materials, which are very hard and difficult to cut (such as platinum, white gold, titanium, and steel).
  • Edges are more precise (making drilling and setting easier) and they produce a brighter finish. Shanks measure 3/32" diameter. 
  • Price per pack of 6.
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