MC Mini Casting Machines

MC Mini Casting Machines

Indutherm® MC Series Casting Machines

The compact MC series was developed to provide jewelry designers, goldsmiths, development departments and dental laboratories with a low price yet highly professional casting machine. Indutherm's most important aims were: extremely short processing time and mold manufacturing to completed casting; simple, safe operation; high quality and, above all, reproducible casting results; and low operating costs.The overwhelming global success of the MC Series in numerous industries - including some not originally envisaged - emphatically confirms the MC Concept.

With the MC machines, you can easily cast by hand from the crucible to your mold and feel what you are doing - just as it has been done for thousands of years. This works consistently and safely; the entire melting / casting unit is tilted together through a 90° angle. For a perfect balance and to make do with as few moving parts as possible, almost the whole machine moves during tilting; being cylindrical design, the whole moving section rotates as if in a halfpipe.

Indutherm's multi award winning and patent pending vibration system is now available in a compact casting machine. Using vibration can ensure better form filling, creating casts with greater more consistent densities, higher elasticity and greatly reduce porosity. Vibration technology is a superior alternative to relatively delicate centrifugal systems, especially when casting platinum and palladium.

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