Foredom H.20 Lever Action Handpiece


  • Brand:  Foredom
  • Model:   H.20
  • Style:  Lever Action
  • Length:  5-5/8" 
  • Shank bur size:  3/32" (2.35mm) 
  • Weight:  4 oz
  • Country of origin:  United States

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Foredom H.20 Lever Action Handpiece
Foredom H.20 Lever Action Handpiece

The H.20 is for exclusive use with 3/32" (2.35mm) shank burs. A lever action on the handpiece body is all that is required to change accessories. It has a molded plastic front grip with tapered sides for easy and close handling, plus pre-lubricated ball bearings that do not require additional lubrication. The collet in this handpiece can be replaced and/or adjusted if the hold on a bur shank is not secure. Watch the video for instructions on making collet adjustments.

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