Foredom - Micromotor Kit 1070 High Speed Rotary


  • Brand:  Foredom® 
  • Length:  6.2" 
  • Grip Diameter: 5.8" 
  • Motor Diameter:  1" 
  • Weight:  7.3oz (208g)
  • Country of origin:   United States

     ***DC30V/1.2A. CE marked


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Foredom - Micromotor Kit 1070 High Speed Rotary
Foredom - Micromotor Kit 1070 High Speed Rotary

For high-speed applications up to 38,000 rpm including light deburring of cast pieces, bright cutting in jewelry making, and fine detailing in wood. 115 or 230 volts. Kit includes control box, handpiece with 3/32" collet, variable speed foot control, handpiece cradle, spare pair of motor brushes, spare fuse and collet changing wrenches. The back of the control box has a convenient Voltage Selector switch for operating with either 115 or 230 Volt operation. The control converts AC current to DC current required for the handpiece. Compared to flexible shaft machines, micromotors have less torque, however, their higher speed results in a comparable rate of material removal with a lighter touch. The simple cord connection between the handpiece motor and control box is another key advantage. Unlike the "drag" and general restriction in movement that you have with a shaft and sheath, micromotors offer much greater freedom of movement.


  • HP4-917 Control Box
  • H.MH-170 Handpiece with 3/32" (2.35mm) Collet
  • HP4-960 Variable Speed Foot Control
  • HP4-933 Handpiece Cradle
  • Spare pair of motor brushes, spare fuse, collet changing wrenches

HP4-917 Control Box is compact with switches on the front for On/Off Power, Forward or Reverse Rotation, and Manual or Foot Speed Control. Speed can be adjusted from low to full speed using the dial on the box or with the foot pedal. An Overload Protector Light is also featured that turns red and sounds a beeping alarm when the motor stalls. This is the same control unit that comes in Micromotor Kits K.1020, K.1080, and K.1090)

H.MH-170 High-Speed Rotary Handpiece has a slender, contoured grip for precise and very high-speed work and quick release rotary type chuck. It has a fan-cooled, brush-type continuous duty motor that runs cool and vibration-free with permanently lubricated, shielded ball bearings that require no lubrication. It comes with a 2.35mm (3/32") collet that is easy to install and change with the supplied collet changing wrench. Optional 1/8" and 3mm collets are available separately. Bur changes are quick and easy with a simple twist of the front section of the Handpiece. A cradle is also supplied for the handpiece when not in use. A selection of collet adapters is available for simplifying changes between accessories with different shank sizes.

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