25 Meter Chain Holder for KORAS AquaPol 100

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  • Brand: Koras
  • Application: Holding 25 meter chain
  • Compatibility: AquaPol 100
  • Dimensions: ⌀ 380 mm H: 210 mm
  • Weight: 11 lbs (5kg)
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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Priced individually
Introducing the 25 Meter Chain Holder for KORAS AquaPol 100 - the perfect accessory for enhancing your jewelry polishing experience. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the AquaPol 100 Electro-Polishing System, this chain holder is an essential component for achieving precision and efficiency in your jewelry finishing.

Key Features:
  1. Application Excellence: Specifically crafted for holding 25-meter chains, this accessory is tailored to meet the unique needs of jewelry craftsmen and artisans.
  2. Electro-Polishing Essential: Compatible with the AquaPol 100, this chain holder is an indispensable component for electro-polishing systems. It ensures a seamless and effective electro-polishing process for your jewelry pieces.
  3. Gear Drive System: The integrated gear drive system is a testament to cutting-edge technology. It facilitates smooth and controlled movement of the attached jewelry through the electrolyte solution, guaranteeing a uniform and impeccable polished finish.
  4. Efficient Circulation: The AquaPol Gear Drive System, combined with the chain holder, automates the circulation of jewelry through the electrolyte solution during the electro-polishing process. This results in a consistent and high-quality polished finish across all your jewelry pieces.
  5. Quality Construction: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the chain holder is built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring longevity and reliability in your jewelry polishing endeavors.

Elevate your jewelry polishing capabilities with the 25 Meter Chain Holder for KORAS AquaPol 100. Trust in the gear drive system's efficiency and the renowned quality of Romanoff International, serving the Precious Metal Fabrication & 3D Printing industry with excellence since 1949. Invest in the tools that make a difference in your craft.
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