Grobet Barrette Escapement Files

Barrette Escapement Files

Total Length: 5 1/2" (14cm) • Shape: Barrette • Cut: #2  •Country of origin: Italy

BARRETTE FILE Tapered in width and thickness. Cuts on wide flat face and safe on sides and back. 

As low as $12.03

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Grobet Barrette Escapement Files
Grobet Barrette Escapement Files

Grobet USA® Needle Files with rounded knurled handles are precision files for exacting work. Made with high-quality steel. Strict tolerances for size, uniform cut, and hardness. Round knurled handles aid gripping. Used by mold makers, goldsmiths, gunsmiths, and musical instrument manufacturers for precise finishing on small surfaces.

The most advanced CNC equipment and the best available robotic technology ensures that Grobet files are manufactured to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, cutting performance, and service life.

“Swiss Pattern” files means a type of fine file used for precision filing of jewelry, instrument parts, and dies.

Country of Origin: Italy

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