How to Refinish a Platinum Ring

How to Refinish a Platinum Ring

The following procedure will explain how to refinish a platinum ring to a satin finish.


Examine the damage on the ring. Check the ring for roundness. Be sure the ring has been cleaned. If stones are present, check for tightness and / or damage.

Remove all dents and scratches using 400 grit sandpaper. In some cases, a file is required to remove signs of wear. If needed, re-define beads or stones with a beading tool.

Polish the entire ring, including the inside of the ring. Be aware and look for engravings and other marks that need to remain intact.

Using an abrasive paper, restore the satin finish on the ring. Be sure not to damage the side where the stones are. It is advisable to cover areas that do not need the finish with protective tape.

Clean the ring with either steam or UltraSonic. Check all stones to see that they are tight and clean. The refinishing is now complete.

Tips to remember:

- Only remove as much metal as is needed to restore the finish.

- Use as fine an abrasive as you can. Rough abrasives leave deep scratches that will then need to be removed.

- Be sure to check for damage to stones. They may need to be replaced.

- Be sure to disclose damage to stones to customer before you begin to work on the ring.

- Be sure the ring is thoroughly cleaned before you work on it.

- Be sure ring is round by using a mandrel.

Source: Platinum Guild International USA

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