How to do Rhodium Plating

How to do Rhodium Plating

The pieces for Rhodium plating should be prepared for plating painting off with lacquer (nail varnish) to protect areas where the Rhodium is not required. Because extended time in the electrolytic cleaner may remove the lacquer it is recommended that articles are pre-cleaned, as in steps 1 to 2 and then dried before painting. This reduces the time necessary in the electrolytic cleaner to 5-6 seconds.

The process is similar to the Gliding process with the exception of the voltages used in the Rhodium.

1. Electrolytic clean 5-20 seconds at 4-6 volts.

2. Rinse a minimum of twice in clean water.

3. Place in the Rhodium bath and apply the voltage based on the size of the article being plated, for example:
         Ring tips / claws = 0.5 - 1 volt. Ring head and shoulders = 1 - 1.5 volts.
         Ring complete = 2 volts. Bracelet / chain = 3 - 4 volts.
         Plating time should be 5 to 20 seconds, excessive plating time will dull the polish and serve no purpose as the hardness of Rhodium is very high.

4. After plating, rinse twice in water, remove the lacquer using a solvent and dry by normal methods.

Rhodium solution is easily damaged by contamination, so clean rinse water is essential, use deionised water is the tap water is Chlorinated or if Fluorides are added.

Source: Blaco Engineering Limited

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