Indutherm Blue Power Air Classifier

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  • Brand: Indutherm
  • Model: AC1000
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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  • The Blue Power Air Classifier AC1000 allows the economical and flexible classification of metal powders (<200 μm particle diameter). It is suitable for the separation into fine and coarse powder fractions especially also in the range < 25 μm, where conventional sieving operations fail.

  • The throughput is about 25 kg/h (bronze). Low cleaning efforts with little metal loss and cross-contamination, as well as high process stability qualify this plant for research, development, and small-scale production with the need for frequent alloy changes, especially also for precious and other specialty metals*.

  • Without additional safety measures not suitable for air classification of explosive metal or alloy powders, e.g. Aluminium-, Magnesium-, Zirconium- or Titanium alloys, or other alloys with increased content of these elements.
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