Indutherm Original Gold Granulating Crucible 68mm

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  • Brand: Indutherm Original
  • Style: Gold Granulating Crucible
  • Material: Graphite
  • Inside Diameter: 50mm
  • Outside Height: 120mm
  • Metal Capacity: 2.6kg 18kt Au
  • Maximum Temperature: 1300°C
  • Designed for: VC400,450,480V,500,600,650V Machines
  • Weight: 1.0lb
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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Priced individually
Qty Price Per Unit
1-5 $89.95
6 and Above $86.35

Indutherm Original Gold Granulating Crucible

  • Designed for: VC400,450,480V, 500, 600, 650V Machines

Packing Qty Priced individually
Crucible Accesories inner crucible
Material Type Graphite
Crucible Brand Indutherm
OEM Parts Yes