Indutherm VC Large Vacuum Casting Machine - VC3000

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  • Brand: Indutherm
  • Model: VC3000
  • Power: 30kW / 3x400V / 50A, 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Temperature Max: 1500°C
  • Crucible Volume: 3400ccm = 34kg Ag, 9kg Al
  • For Use with Flasks: 450mm x 600mm
  • Dimensions: 700mm x 1000mm x 1450mm
  • Weight: 300Kg
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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Priced individually

Capacity & Power For Large Scale Projects

Our large vacuum pressure casting machines are mostly used for precise castings in aluminum alloys. They are always the first choice for parts with complicated geometry or when the number of pieces is not large enough for die-cast production. VC1000, VC3000, and VC12000 offer the best pre-conditions for high quality casting in aluminum: the hydrogen content of aluminum alloys may be adjusted by regulating the vacuum during melting. This way, foaming of molten metal can be avoided without any additives. Overpressure in the melting chamber during and after casting and simultaneous vacuum in the flask chamber optimize form filling especially in filigree or thin-walled areas.

All our large VC machines are now equipped with a new program control system. The casting process is controlled via LCD full text display. Complete casting cycles may be stored for repeatable castings.


These machines are designed to be as easy to use as possible for the caster, producing top results with very little training required. This line also breeds efficiency with the ability to Change of crucible/stopper rod in a very short time.

New Interface Technology

The RS 232 user interface on these machines is designed with business in mind. Aside from the control it grants the user, a complete data record is available to be both accessed and printed.

Top-Tier Performance

VC1000, VC3000, and VC12000 boast top-of-the-line performance results at a much more economical price tag than its contemporaries, representing leading value-performance ratio marks in the industry.

The V-Versions with Vibration

Each machine is available in two versions: The standard versions offer 20 casting programs, the V-versions have 100 programs and as the most important innovation, they use the vibration technology for improved form filling.

Magnesium Casting Versions

The magnesium casting versions are constructed according to strict safety requirements and guarantee safe and easy casting of magnesium - and of course of every other metal too.

Variety of Applications

These machines are perfect for all industrial applications, and most of all- factories. Acquire the ability to rapidly prototype models no matter the industry. These machines can be found in the automotive, component, orthopedic, medical technology, and machinery construction fields. Even great for sculptors!





Power Max. / Electrical Connection 25kW / 3x400V / 40A, 50Hz or 60Hz 30kW / 3x400V / 50A, 50Hz or 60Hz 40kW / 3x400V / 50A, 50Hz or 60Hz
Maximum Temperature 1500°C 1500°C 1200°C
Crucible Volume 1500ccm = 15kg Ag, 4kg Al 3400ccm = 34kg Ag, 9kg Al 12000ccm = 180kg Au 18ct, 30kg Al
Flasks Up To (DxH) 250mm x 500mm 450mm x 600mm 600mm x 800mm
Optional Up To (DxH) - - 300mm x 600mm - -
Temperature Measurement N-type thermocouple up to 1300°C
S-type thermocouple up to 1500°C
N-type thermocouple up to 1300°C
S-type thermocouple up to 1500°C
K-type thermocouple up to 1200°C
Dual Temperature Control Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Programs 20 20 20
Program (Control) 100 (available just in VC 1000V) 100 (available just in VC 3000V) 100 (available just in VC 12000V)
Automatic Flask & Chamber Lift Yes (available just in VC 1000V) Yes (available just in VC 1000V) No
Flask Temperature Measurement Yes Yes Yes
RS 232 Diagnostic System Yes Yes Yes
Data Printer Yes Yes Yes
GSM Modem For Remote Service Optional Optional Optional
Granulation Tank Optional Optional Optional
Magnesium Kit Optional Optional Optional
Dimensions (WxDxH) 700mm x 1000mm x 1450mm 700mm x 1000mm x 1450mm 1200mm x1600mm x 2000mm
Weight 250kg 300kg 900kg
Cooling Water Supply 2.5 - 5 bar (15 - 30° C) ca. 300l/h. 2.5 - 5 bar (15 - 30° C) ca. 300l/h. 1200mm x1600mm x 2000mm
Room Temperature 10°C - 35°C 10°C - 35°C 10°C - 35°C
Environment Humidity 20% - 80% 20% - 80% 20% - 80%
Compressed Air Supply 7 - 8 bar 7 - 8 bar 7 - 8 bar
Protective Gas Supply 3 to 5 bar, pure N2 or pure Ar 3 to 5 bar, pure N2 or pure Ar 3 to 5 bar, pure N2 or pure Ar
Vacuum 0 - 20 mbar max., at least 40 m3/h 0 - 20 mbar max., at least 40 m3/h 0 - 20 mbar max., at least 40 m3/h

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