Magnetic Tumbling Pins - .3mm X .5mm


• Material: Stainless Steel •  Spheres Size: .3mm x .5mm  Country of origin: United States


1 $63.00
2 and above $59.85
Priced Per 250g bottles

Total Price
Magnetic Tumbling Pins - .3mm X .5mm
Magnetic Tumbling Pins - .3mm X .5mm

Our magnetic pins and spheres are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Our pins have polished ends as opposed to the lower-priced cut wire which will scratch the surfaces of jewelry. 

Sold in individual 250g bottle

The 3mm x 5mm pins can be used in conjunction with other size pins, commonly .2mm x 5mm to make a more uniform and detailed polish.

  • .2mm x .5mm - (P/N 82-2733-2)
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