LED Dimmable Jewelers Bench Lamp - 110-240V w/ USB Port


Item: Jewelers Bench Lamp • Type: Dimmable • Volts: 110V-240V (w/ USB Port) • Watt Consumption: 30  • Watt Output: 80  Country of origin: • United States


1 to 2 $193.95
3 to 5 $188.95
6 and above $182.96
Priced individually

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LED Dimmable Jewelers Bench Lamp - 110-240V w/ USB Port
LED Dimmable Jewelers Bench Lamp - 110-240V w/ USB Port

We've introduced the industry's most innovative and powerful LED Task Lamp by taking our sleek and contemporary Task Lamp frame and incorporating the latest LED lighting technology. Convenient USB Port and Dimmable light!

Better directional lighting, Produces less glare, Directionality allows for precision lighting with no wasted light.  

• With USB phone charging port

We’ve worked hard in developing our sophisticated LED lighting solution designed to provide premium performance for a number of task lighting applications.  With exceptional lighting quality and ergonomic handling, it is the ideal task lamp for manufacturing, quality control procedures, as well as laboratory, electronic or metalworking environments.

High quality, industrial grade task light that is used by jewelers, doctors, dentists, dental labs, forensic labs and by many others looking for the best quality lighting for their workspace.

Each LED task lamp is covered by a 1 Year Guarantee

Romanoff International Supply Corporation is proud to offer the most reliable LED Task Lamp products. Your workplace deserves the most efficient lighting equipment. Our lighting technology is capable of producing the perfect amount of brightness while you work on any project. Our equipment is sure to satisfy all of your business needs.

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