Legor White Rhodium Bath Plating Solution 2G/L (Ready-To-Use)


  • Brand Legor
  • Color/Style:  White Bath Plating (Ready-to-Use)
  • Quantity:  2 grams
  • Country of origin:  Italy

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Legor White Rhodium Bath Plating Solution 2G/L (Ready-To-Use)
Legor White Rhodium Bath Plating Solution 2G/L (Ready-To-Use) Legor White Rhodium Bath Plating Solution 2G/L (Ready-To-Use)

Customers trust LEGOR plating solutions for what they offer: excellent yield, simplicity of use, and consistent results!

Legor Group plating solutions are the result of a very accurate production process starting from a careful selection of the best raw materials. The transformation begins when the raw materials are followed by stringent quality controls and professional packaging.

Legor Rhodium Plating Solution is ready-to-use white rhodium for bath plating. The properties of our rhodium solution deposit a higher degree of whiteness due to a more compact deposition when compared to standard rhodium solutions following the same process cycle. These results have been obtained by improving working conditions: the applicable voltage range has been widened, making the process parameters more flexible to guarantee optimal results. This new anti-burn technology eliminates the most common errors such as surface calculation inaccuracy, prolonged immersion times, bath overheating, and excessive voltage. It is also possible to obtain thicknesses of 1.0 Micron.

As a consequence of the more brilliant deposition, the average consumption of the rhodium suspended in the electrolyte inclines to be around 10% higher under the same working conditions.

  • Superior white color
  • Ideal for productions without object shape consistency
  • Anti-burn technology
  • Maximum process flexibility
  • Ships as a Non-Hazmat Plating Solution

General information

M process

Product form

2 g/l (Rh)
1 liter
eady to use
2 years

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