Matt Bracelet Wax Blanks - Purple


  • Brand:   Matt™   
  • Wax Style: Medium 
  • Color:  Purple
  • Dimensions: 6" x  3.25"  x 1.75" 
  • Melting Temperature:  225°F (107°C) 
  • Weight13.252 oz
  • Country of origin:  United States

1 to 3 $25.50
4 to 6 $24.23
7 and above $23.50
Priced individually

Total Price
Matt Bracelet Wax Blanks - Purple
Matt Bracelet Wax Blanks - Purple Matt Bracelet Wax Blanks - Purple

Simplify the construction of bracelets with these 6" (152cm) long arch-shaped blocks of carving wax. From just one blank style you can create round, oval, or square bracelets in a variety of sizes. Simply cut two slices of the desired thickness to form a bracelet, then trim using the Matt Shaper and Matt Template.

This wax is used for modeling by jewelers, professional model makers, and mechanical engineers. It can be carved, sawed, filed, machined or turned by a lathe. The casting is made following the same casting procedure used for other casting waxes.

Matt hard carving waxes are available in three degrees of flexibility. Green wax is the most rigid, excellent for detailed carving. Purple wax is a great all-purpose wax that is easy to work. Blue wax is the most flexible.

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