Plastic Polishing Chips for KORAS Aqua-Pol Electro-Polishing Systems

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  • Brand: KORAS
  • Application: Electro-Polishing
  • Form: Plastic Chips
  • Compatibility: All KORAS Aqua-Pol Electro-Polishing Systems
  • Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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Priced individually

The ultimate solution for achieving a flawless finish on your precious metal jewelry with Koras' Plastic Polishing Chips designed exclusively for KORAS Aqua-Pol Electro-Polishing Systems.

These Polishing Chips are engineered for precision in electro-polishing applications, ensuring a smooth, high-polish surface on your precious metal jewelry. They offer a delicate yet effective polishing action, treating even the most intricate jewelry pieces with care, leaving them with a stunning, even finish.

Compatible with all KORAS Aqua-Pol Electro-Polishing Systems, these plastic polishing chips seamlessly integrate into your workflow providing a reliable and high-quality electro-polishing process.

Sold per 10 lb (5 kg) container.

Packing Qty Priced individually