Pro-Tech Barrier Liquid for 3D Printing

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  • Brand: Romanoff
  • Product: Barrier Liquid for 3D Printing
  • Size: 160g bottle
  • Country of Origin: United States

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Priced individually
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For Rubber Molds Manufactured with Resin Patterns

It's a common issue to have 3D printed resin patterns adhere to rubber, affecting the rubber's cutability, design, and usefulness for wax injection molding.

Romanoff Pro-Tech coats 3D printed patterns with a protective barrier to prevent rubber or investment migration into their pores and sticking to their surface. Simply dip a few times prior to inserting your piece into your mold for maximum protection.

For Direct Resin Piece or Pattern Casting

The most common problem when direct casting resin pieces or patterns is rough surfaces and inclusions. Resin expands and boils, disturbing the surface of the investment powder, creating rough surfaces. Resin can also migrate into the investment powder or vise versa. Investment migration into the resin surface can also cause rough surfaces or inclusions.

To prevent this, dip your resin pieces in Pro-Tech 5 to 10 times. The amount of time resin pieces can be dipped can vary depending on the design. This is recommended to reduce the sipping if the piece is small, contains tiny holes, recesses for stone setting, or is filigree in design.

Sold in 160g bottles.

Packing Qty Priced individually