Indutherm MC20V Superior Casting Kit With Optical Pyrometer


The Indutherm MC Casting machines will melt and cast brass, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and stainless steel under vacuum with temperature control up to 2000°C. The entire casting process can be carried out simply, quickly, and safely, even without any prior casting experience. The crucibles are large enough to solve any standard casting task for any studio or atelier. The entire process is extremely fast, especially when combined with speed investment compounds. This allows for rapid response to new models, express orders, and last-minute ideas.

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Indutherm MC20V Superior Casting Kit With Optical Pyrometer
Indutherm MC20V Superior Casting Kit With Optical Pyrometer Indutherm MC20V Superior Casting Kit With Optical Pyrometer

* Due to the size and/or weight of this item, it must be delivered by freight truck. Upon completing your order, a customer service agent will call you to arrange delivery.

Product Manual

Kit Includes: 

SKU$ Item Name Quantity
78-2100 Indutherm MC20V 1 EA
77-0911-A Romanoff Super Blue Automatic Furnace 8.5X8.75X9" 1 EA
76-113-MINI St. Louis Vacuum Mixer W/Vib. 220V/1PH 1 EA
N/A MC20 Starter Kit 1 KT
7115A 3 CFM Vacuum Pump 120/240V 50/60 1PH 1/2HP 1 EA
79-001 Hydro-Air Pressure Washer Gun 1 EA
76-110 Investment Scale 0-10lbs 1 EA
74-006 Max Wax Speed Pen  1 EA
74-000-WC Platinum Wax Mushroom Base 5 Pack 1 PK
21.890-1 Adjustable Sprue Base Holder 1 EA
76-047-I Stainless Steel Flasks - 80 x 80mm  2 EA
76-0881-4RND Non-Asbestos Paper Bases - 4” OD x 3 1/4” ID 1 PK
79-0305 Maun Sprue Cutter 6.5” / 165mm length 1 EA
76-109 3 Liter Measuring Pitcher 1 EA
76-109-250ML 250ML Graduated Cylinder 1 EA
74-048-S Wax Sprue Rods - 6” x 3/8” Stiff 1 LB
Z14-301-40 Ransom & Randolph Ultra Vest Investment 40 lbs 1 BX
80-137-1CAR J-Break Platinum Investment Remover 1 GL
Z14-305-606C J-Formula “606” Platinum Investment with Blue Binder 1 DR
76-113-3W Vacuum Investment 3-Way Valve 1 EA
76-016-I Indutherm Cone Style Sprue Base -80 mm 2 EA
76-0855 Non-Asbestos Paper Roll 2 1/2 x 1/16 x 75 1 EA

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