Indutherm MC60V Casting Kit


The Indutherm MC60 V has been developed with the user in mind for whom the MC 16 is too small but a simple machine from the large VC series (e.g. the VC 400) is too big or requires too much manual operation. This small-medium high-performance casting machine is ideal for jewellery alloys such as gold, silver, copper and bronze, as well as for alloys of brass and aluminium. Thanks to the vacuum and overpressure functions as well as the many automatic control features, the machine provides first class castings with very little work. The use of the included vibration technology when casting ensures better form filling, creating casts with greater, more consistent densities, higher elasticity and greatly reduced porosity.

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Indutherm MC60V Casting Kit
Indutherm MC60V Casting Kit Indutherm MC60V Casting Kit

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Product Manual

Kit Includes: 

SKU$ Item Name Quantity
78-2200V Indutherm MC-60V 1 EA 
77-0907 Romanoff Super Blue Automatic Furnace 12 x 8 1/2 x 9" H  1 EA
76-113-4KG-P St. Louis Mixer 4KG 1 EA
N/A MC60V Starter Kit 1 KT
7119 10 CFM Vacuum Pump 1 EA
79-001 Hydro-Air Pressure Washer Gun 1 EA
76-110 Investment Scale 0-10lbs 1 EA
74-006 Max Wax Speed Pen  1 EA
21.890-1 Adjustable Sprue Base Holder 1 EA
76-0661-I Stainless Steel Flask 100 x 120mm 2 EA
76-047-I Stainless Steel Flasks - 80 x 80mm  2 EA
78-090 14” Non-Asbestos Casting Gloves 1 PR
79-0305 Maun Sprue Cutter 6.5” / 165mm length 1 EA
76-109 3 Liter Measuring Pitcher 1 EA
76-109-250ML 250ML Graduated Cylinder 1 EA
74-048-S Wax Sprue Rods - 6” x 3/8” Stiff 1 LB
Z14-301-40 Ransom & Randolph Ultra Vest Investment 40 lbs 1 BX
76-016-I Indutherm Cone Style Sprue Base -80 mm 2 EA
76-019-I Indutherm Sprue Base - Cone Style - 100mm 2 EA
78-4507 Flask Saddle Adapter for 80mm DIA Flasks 1 EA
76-113-3W Vacuum Investment & Casting Machine 3 Way Valve 1 EA

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