Indutherm TF 6000 & TF 12000 Tilting Furnace

78-66000 / 78-612000
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  • Model : TF 6000

  • Brand : Indutherm

  • Power : 40kw (3x400V)

  • Temperature Max : 1500°C
  • Crucible Volume : 6,000ccm = 90kg Au 18kt
  • Dimensions : 1,250mm x 820mm x 1,300mm
  • Model : TF 12000

  • Brand : Indutherm

  • Power : 60kw (3x400V)

  • Temperature Max : 1500°C
  • Crucible Volume : 12,000ccm = 180kg Au 18kt
  • Dimensions : 1,250mm x 820mm x 1,300mm
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Priced individually

This modern melting furnace has been designed to melt fast and safe large amounts of gold, silver, brass, bronze and aluminium alloys. Due to the strong induction generator the melt will be mixed homogeneous. The tilting process can be carefully controlled by a joy stick. All relevant data are shown on the integrated LCD display. The standard GSM-modem guarantees easy maintenance and service.

Major Applications...

  • Casting of voluminous parts like metal sculptures
  • Ingot casting for refineries
  • Casting of bullions in fine Au or Ag
  • Casting of blanks for rolling mills
  • Casting of anodes for plating appliances
  • Melting of scrap and return material
  • Melting of precious metal chips and swarf from machining operation

Tilting Furnaces for melting and casting large quantities into ingots or shell molds

Our TF series tilting furnaces are mainly used in two areas. The first is for melting down large quantities of metal, such as antique gold or manufacturing residues like casting waste, scrap, or swarf. The second is for casting large, heavy components, according to the shell casting principle.

Power, efficiency, and safety

The TF machine are equipped with 32-bit induction generators providing 15kw - 60kw output power (depending on version). Low-frequency tuning means excellent through-mixing on the molten material. All versions are now controlled via a console with an LCD display with full text readout.

The operator is able to stand to the side of the machine - away from the dangers of the pouring off area. In the rare event of a crucible breaking, the machine is not damaged - all of the assemblies are covered by a separate housing, and every model has a large collecting tray under the smelting unit to prevent potential loss of metal.

The giants among tilting furnaces

The large crucible volumes give these machines an enormous capacity. Because of the potentially large weight, the inductor and crucible unit are not tilted manually - it instead uses a motor drive with a stable shaft. Use of a joystick enables the tilting process o be controlled easily and sensitively.

* Due to the size and/or weight of this item, it must be delivered by freight truck. Upon completing your order, a customer service agent will call you to arrange delivery.


TF 6000

TF 12000

Power Max. / Electrical Connection 40kw (3x400V) 60kw (3x400V)
Maximum Temperature 1500°C 1500°C
Temperature Measurements By Thermocouple Standard Equipment Standard Equipment
Crucible Volume 6,000ccm = 90kg Au 18ct 12,000ccm = 180kg Au 18ct
Handling & Control Tilting With Motordrive (Remote Control) Tilting With Motordrive (Remote Control)
Temperature Control LCD Display, Full Text Readout LCD Display, Full Text Readout
Temperature Programs 100 100
Interface RS 232 Diagnostic System Standard Equipment Standard Equipment
GSM Modern For Remote Service Standard Equipment Standard Equipment
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,250mm x 820mm x 1,300mm 1,250mm x 820mm x 1,300mm
Product Manual
Packing Qty Priced individually
OEM Parts Yes