Tiger3D Printer Resin: Black - 1kg

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  • Brand: Tiger3D Resin
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Application: Prototyping Applications & Mold Making

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Priced Per 1kg Bottle
Qty Price Per Unit
1 $359.00
2 and Above $348.25

Tiger3D Black is a photopolymer 405nm resin suitable for prototyping applications.

Most commonly used for producing jigs, fixtures and can be vulcanized in rubber molds for rubber mold injection. When cured, the material is firm and strong. It has a curing time of 3 seconds per layer. 

Suggestion curing time for Tiger3D Printer per layer:
- Thickness 30um : 3.5 sec
- Thickness 50um : 6.0 sec

Packing Qty Priced Per 1kg Bottle